About Noah’sadmin

Noah’s Mediterranean Health Foods was founded in 2020 by Bener Doguc to share his lifelong passion for good food with all people.

His vision is to create a line of healthy Mediterranean foods that are made with simple, pure, all natural ingredients and made in small batches without the use of artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Growing up in Turkey, at the crossroads of many cultures and cuisines, food has always played a central role in his life. Cooking and sharing food is an expression of love for him. He believes food transcends culture, age, gender and ethnicity and brings people together to share a common love for good food.

Although his education is in engineering, Bener followed his passion for food and in 2004 opened an ethnic grocery store in Cary, NC to bring wonderful foods and ingredients from the wider Mediterranean region to his fellow North Carolinians. He loved meeting new people and introducing them to the carefully selected products in his store. Good food has always been his focus. He took pride in the selection he offered in his store.

He has always wanted to reach more people. And in 2010 he started his importing/distribution company Choice Foods and has since been supplying specialty stores and restaurants with quality foods and ingredients from the Mediterranean region.

Bener is an avid cook and describes cooking as a form of meditation for him. He believes strongly that food made with love always tastes better. He enjoys cooking large meals for family and friends and has been encouraged by them to open a restaurant throughout the years.

After pondering the idea of opening a restaurant for years he decided to start Noah’s Mediterranean Health Foods so that he can share his passion for food with as many people as possible.

From our kitchen to your table with love. We hope you enjoy each and every bite.